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Santiago’s Bodega – More than a Tapas Restaurant.

Santiago’s Bodega embodies the heart and soul of it’s original island home in Key West, FL. Where characters, stories, cultures and food combine to create the perfect union. Relaxed, eclectic, perhaps even a little odd elsewhere, but one human family at The Bodega.

Fine Wines – Sangria – Tapas – Dessert

The Bodega’s ideology is brought to life in each unique location where a quirky mix of decor, mismatched chairs, custom art and reclaimed wood, all coalesce as if it was meant to be. No doubt, there is no place quite like Santiago’s Bodega.

Santiago’s is Sharing.

We share our kitchen with you, unique small plate preparations with global tastes, but you share far more with us. Visitors from around the world and locals alike share laughs and stories with us and each other, that’s where the warmth of our dining room comes from.

Like a symphony, there is an exchange between musician and audience. After perfect preparation, our food survives only minutes, but when tasted at the right time, with the right company, it plays a song that’s remembered long after your visit to Santiago’s Bodega.

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We crave culinary adventure and share our delicious madness every day.

Our Customers Say It Best

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